Hello there!

My name is Timothy Lawton. I am a writer and have been so for quite some time. This is my personal website where I post my general musings, mostly about the art of creative writing, but often about other things as well. I also post some of my work on here for free in the hopes that people will enjoy it, as well as links to where the rest of my work can be purchased outright. I grew up in Ossining, New York, went to college at GWU in Washington, DC and Binghamton University in upstate New York, where I got my Master's in English Lit. If you have a question, an opinion, or want to get in contact with me for any reason, please use the site's Twitter or Facebook page, which we have links to over on the left. You can also email me directly if you want at info@spidersinajar.com. Thanks for reading.

Why "Spiders In A Jar?"

I realize that it seems like an odd name. I do. However, there is a method to my madness, as the cliché goes. I call the website Spiders in a Jar as a reference to a concept I once encountered in a creative writing class I took as an undergraduate at GWU. It was in Thomas Mallon's class and we were discussing authors who seem to create characters only to torture them. Somehow, the idea came up that an author's characters were treated like "spiders in a jar" where he would take them out and use them only so that he could torture them-- ripping off their limbs, toying with them, etc. Now, while I do think that having characters ONLY to torture them is a bit extreme, I have always believed it is a writer's duty to create conflict and interest at all costs. I related to the concept and have used it ever since. My characters are my spiders. I take them out and do what I have to with them to make my stories compelling, whether that's letting them interact with each other, letting them roam free, or holding them down and ripping off their legs...um, not literally in the character's case....I'm going to make it happen. My characters are my personal spiders. Though if you are also a writer and you're reading this, I have to ask: What do you do with yours?


The website you are viewing has been lovingly created by me, Sydney Lawton! I have been building little sites here and there since I was very young, but this website is the first site in which I have created everything from the ground up and then-some. I grew up around Syracuse, NY, have a BS in Information Science from SUNY Oswego, and teach classes about basic computer skills. I've had a passion for science since elementary school, which blossomed into a love of math, computers, and tricky subjects.

Interestingly enough, I also dabble in writing here and there. Maybe someday a story of mine will find it's way to the site... After all, I am the one who made it! :D Tim and I were married in August of 2013. The way we met is a pretty awesome story of it's own. We may even share that one with you eventually, too. And one last interesting fact: I'm arachnophobic. So what do I do with my spiders? Run away yelling until someone else squishes them for me!

I hope you enjoy the website, and happy reading!

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